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James Bay - Live in London 2020

July 24, 2021

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Streamed on 16th July at 21.00 BST / 16.00 EDT / 13.00 PST. Hey everyone, thanks for all your support for my new single, Chew On My Heart. In support of the #SaveOurVenues campaign, I'm going to be performing a live set online for you all. I can't wait to play for you all again so press the notification bell to set your reminder! If you can, please consider using the donation links on this stream to help raise money to save our venues.

Big or small, spending time honing your craft and performing in venues is vital on the journey to becoming a successful touring and recording artist. We must never live in a world where live music venues don’t exist. They are as important for the artist as they are for the countless visitors and of course the dedicated staff that devote themselves to running those rooms like clockwork.

Venues offer a joy, an escape and a magic you just don’t experience through a screen or even through a stereo speaker.

At all costs, we must save our venues.

James x Setlist: 0:01 Peer Pressure

5:25 Pink Lemonade

11:52 Chew On My Heart

16:14 If You Ever Want To Be In Love

21:05 Let It Go

27:37 One Life

32:23 Right Now

37:45 Us

42:10 I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Whitney Houston)

48:00 Hold Back The River


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